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Is paying with PayEye safe?

Yes – for both your finances and your eyes.

When creating a personal pattern, the image of your unique irises is converted into an individual code (PayEye code). When you pay with one look, the PayEye code is compared to the original pattern, that is, your eyes.

How do I activate my PayEye account?

Download the free PayEye pilot 1.0  application to your mobile phone. Register your iris-ID at one of our Partners’ store and enjoy the free and safe eye payments.

How to create a biometric pattern?

The generation of the biometric pattern is contactless and has no health effects. It is necessary to use the PayEye service.

  • Before you create a pattern (PayEye code), register and activate your account by making a transfer from the bank account provided during registration.
  • You can generate a pattern at one of the PayEye partners. A map of all points can be found here.
  • You can also create a pattern when you use the home delivery option – make sure in advance that the restaurant can come to you with our dedicated terminal.
  • Creating PayEye code is nothing more than pointing your eyes at the PayEye payment device. One look is enough… and done.
  • When generating a personal biometric pattern, make sure you have at hand the phone with the number you entered during registration.
  • During the authorisation process, we will send you an SMS with a code. Then you can feel the freedom and for all your next payments with PayEye you only need one look – no phone or wallet will be needed.
  • Remember! When generating the PayEye code, remove your spectacles, sunglasses and contact lenses that change the look or colour of your iris.
  • Once the PayEye code has been created, you can immediately use it to pay for your lunch, snack or other services available from our Partners!
What is PayEye?

PayEye is the name of a company which has the status of a small payment institution with number MIP42/2019 issued by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

As a company, it establishes cooperation with PayEye Partners (commercial and service outlets) where you can use PayEye payments.

What is the maximum amount I can have in my PayEye account?

Currently, the balance of funds on your Wallet cannot exceed the equivalent of PLN 8000.

All info concerning the PayEye portfolio and transactions can be found in the Terms and Conditions.

Where can I pay with PayEye?

You can use PayEye payment at PayEye Partners. The current list is available at www.payeye.com

How much does it cost to create an account?

According to the Table of Fees and Commissions, the account is created free of charge (PLN 0). Full and up-to-date Table of Fees and Commissions is available in the Payer’s Terms and Conditions.

How much does it cost to use the account?

According to the Table of Fees and Commissions, the account can be used free of charge (PLN 0). Full and up-to-date Table of Fees and Commissions is available in the Payer’s Terms and Conditions.

How do I create a PayEye account?

You can quickly and easily create a PayEye account online. As PayEye is operating under license from the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) and has the status of a small payment institution, it will be necessary to verify your identity with a document – an identity card or passport.

Download the free PayEye pilot 1.0  app. Sign up. Top up the account At a PayEye Partner, create your own individual pattern based on your iris and enjoy the offer of PayEye Partners – without contact, hygienically and safely.

Does anyone else have the same iris as me?

Each iris is unique, and there is no way that two irises are the same. Each iris has 256 features, which not only makes it unique but also increases the security of user identification.

Can I pay with an eye on the internet?

We are working on it. At the moment, we invite you to use PayEye service at Partners.

Do I receive a card to my account?

No. In PayEye, the only permanent means of confirming payment is the iris of the account holder.

Can a politically exposed person use PayEye?

Of course, a PEP (Politically Exposed Person) can create a PayEye account; however, he/she is only subject to more extensive verification during account registration.

How much does a transfer to another PayEye service user cost?

According to the Table of Fees and Commissions, the transfer between PayEye service users is free of charge (PLN 0). Full and up-to-date Table of Fees and Commissions is available in the Payer’s Terms and Conditions.

Can a person under 18 years old use PayEye service?

Currently, only adults may use PayEye service.

Where can I register?

You can register by download the free PayEye pilot 1.0  application to your mobile phone.

Who has access to my personal data?

Access to the data is governed by the Privacy Policy.

Are there other situations that should arouse my suspicions?

Contact us whenever:

  1. you suspect that someone has accessed your PayEye account;
  2. someone asks you for your PayEye account login details or other sensitive data;
  3. you discover that an unauthorised transaction has been made from your PayEye account;
  4. you notice that our website looks unusual or the service works differently than usual;
  5. you website a link and enter your details on a page that was similar to PayEye-s;
  6. you receive a disturbing phone call from someone claiming to be a PayEye employee;
  7. you receive a disturbing e-mail from an address that is similar to PayEye’s, especially if it contains a suspicious attachment;
  8. someone is processing your personal data, claiming to have obtained it from PayEye, and is not on the list of entities to whom we provide your personal data.
What should I do if I suspect fraud?

Contact us – call our PayEye Customer Service Centre as soon as possible, which is open Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, e-mail: kontakt@payeye.com, telephone: +48 694 082 248, 71 738 19 16.

How does PayEye keep my personal data secure?

We care reliably and professionally – personal data is processed with the utmost care for its security using all organisational and technical measures in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation). We, therefore, meet stringent legal standards.

Does the use of contact lenses or glasses affect payment security?

There is no impact because payments can be confirmed using both contact lenses and spectacles. The use of these does not affect payment security.

Is it possible to obtain a photo or pattern of my eye and thus make a payment?

It is not possible to make such a payment for several reasons. We do not store biometric data in the form of photos in any part of our infrastructure. Instead, we create numerical patterns that are generated in real-time from a unique iris image. So we never deal with photos of your eye that can be reused by someone else. Moreover, reversing the process, i.e. obtaining a photo of the eye from a numerical pattern, is impossible. Once the pattern is generated, the data is always transferred between the devices and the infrastructure via an encrypted connection, which is another security level. Finally, the numerical patterns placed in the PayEye database never leave it, as all identifications take place on a server in a closed network, and the database itself is also encrypted.

For the user to be identified and transaction to be confirmed, it is necessary to compare the biometric eye pattern (PayEye code) with the basic pattern, i.e. your eyes. This means you can rest assured that no one but you can confirm the payment processed with your PayEye account.

Is it possible to scan my eye from a distance and thus process the payment without my knowledge?

No, it isn’t – the cameras that our eyePOS payment device is equipped with are defined to scan the irises of your eyes from a distance of approximately 25 cm. It is therefore impossible for someone to make a payment without your knowledge from a distance. In addition, you can define a transaction limit, which adds an extra measure of security for you and your money.

Is my money and transactions on my PayEye account safe?

Sure – we take the utmost care to keep your money safe. We are a small payment institution registered under number MIP42/2019. We operate within a regulated market and are supervised by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

Is it safe to pay with eyePOS?

Without a doubt – the eyePOS payment device has all the necessary security certifications such as PCI PTS, EMVco Level 1 and Level 2, PayeWave, PayPas and TQM. To achieve this, the devices are subjected to very rigorous testing. Granting of these certificates guarantees that eyePOS offers the highest level of payment security.

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