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How do I activate the PayEye Service?

Download the free PayEye application to your phone and follow the instructions. Fill in and confirm your basic data (name, surname, phone number and email), provide the required declarations, take a selfie and define your payeye PIN. Then confirm your email and phone number. Attach your payment card and you’re done! Now you can use biometric payments connected to your payment card at PayEye Partners. The list of partners is available via this link: LINK.

What is the PayEye Wallet and does it mean that I need to carry something with me?

When using biometric payments from PayEye, you do not need to bring anything extra with you! The PayEye Wallet is a service whereby PayEye allows you to register your payment card details via the PayEye Application and submit an Instruction of Use. It is your electronic wallet, the so-called e-wallet, which you can use at any time without needing anything else. No wallet, card, phone or watch. A glance is enough!

How do I create a biometric pattern?

The creation of a Biometric Pattern is very simple and consists of two stages. The first stage takes place when you activate your account in the PayEye Application, when you are asked to take a selfie photo, and this is the initial registration of your Biometric Pattern. The initial registration of your Biometric Pattern is necessary for you to fully register it. The second stage, i.e. complete capturing of the Biometric Pattern, is carried out using an eyePOS terminal, which reads your iris and facial image using PayEye technology. It takes place during your first attempt to submit an Instruction for Use.

What is a Usage Instruction?

An Instruction to Use is nothing more than your instruction to PayEye to allow the merchant to use your registered default card so that the merchant can initiate a payment order to pay for the goods or services that you will be purchasing.

What do I need to do to submit a Merchant Instruction?

To submit a Merchant Instruction, all you need to do is inform the merchant of your intention to use PayEye’s biometrics service, approve the Merchant Instruction for the amount of the purchase of goods or services, and allow the image of your iris and face to be read by the eyePOS terminal.

What is PayEye?

PayEye is a technology provider, and through its partnership with Planet Pay, a settlement agent, it enables convenient and secure biometric payments. PayEye provides the biometric technology, eyePOS payment terminals and the PayEye application. In PayEye we provide the technology that enables user identification using iris and face biometrics, which is an additional support in difficult lighting conditions and future online payments.

Where can I pay with my eyes?

A list of points where you can use biometric payments can be found here.

Why has the number of points with the PayEye service decreased?

We have completed the PayEye 1.0 pilot and are currently in the process of building an infrastructure based on the new eyePOS terminals supporting iris and face biometrics fusion in the new enhanced PayEye service.

Does setting up and using the PayEye Wallet cost anything?

Downloading the PayEye app, setting up, and then owning and using the electronic PayEye Wallet is completely free.

Does anyone else have the same iris as me?

The iris is unique. Even the irises of the right and left eye are different. PayEye is a solution based on biometric authentication using not only the iris but also the face. The new solution based on the fusion of face and iris biometrics is more precise than other available methods.

Can I use the PayEye service online?

It will soon be possible – we are currently working on this solution. At the moment, you are welcome to use the PayEye service on eyePOS terminals.

Can persons under the age of 18 use the PayEye service?

Currently, only persons of full legal age may use the PayEye service.

Where can I register?

Download the free PayEye application from your mobile App Store and follow the instructions – you will need to enter your basic data, give the necessary consents and take a selfie. The whole process takes just a few minutes.

Who has access to my personal data?

Detailed information about access to your personal data can be found in the Privacy Policy available here.

How does PayEye keep my personal data safe?

Personal data is processed with the utmost care for its security, using all organisational and technical security measures in accordance with the guidelines provided by the Personal Data Protection Regulation (RODO) organisation.

Is the information from my payment card (card number, CVC2/CVV2 code, expiry date) added to the PayEye application secure?

PayEye does not process or store payment card data in any part of our infrastructure. PayEye uses tokens, which is an encrypted form of a payment card. The tokens are generated by a technology partner (IT Card) of our settlement agent (Planet Pay), which handles the technical aspects of payment card tokenisation and ensures the security of card data in accordance with the PCI DSS standard.

Are biometric payments with the eyePOS terminal secure?

The eyePOS terminal is protected against any form of data leakage. Data leaves the device only through an encrypted connection. The device and the connection are regularly tested for security.

Is it possible to use my biometric pattern without my knowledge and thus benefit from the PayEye service?

This is not possible, because the cameras with which our eyePOS terminal is equipped are defined to read the iris image from a distance of approximately 35 cm. It is therefore impossible for someone to read your biometric template from a distance and use it without your knowledge.

Does the use of lenses or glasses affect the security of biometric payments?

It has no impact! Because payments can be confirmed with both contact lenses and prescription glasses. Using them does not affect the security of biometric payments. The exceptions are colored lenses or those that obscure, alter or distort the iris image, making payment impossible.

What should I do if I suspect fraud?

If you suspect any fraudulent activity, please call our Customer Service Centre at: +48 694 082 248 or 71 738 19 16. which is open Monday to Friday, 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. or email us at: kontakt@payeye.com.

Is it possible to use the PayEye service by entering a photo or a pattern of my face and/or eye?

No, it is not possible to use the PayEye service in this manner for several reasons. We do not store biometric data in the form of photos in any part of our infrastructure. We create numerical patterns that are generated in real time based on a unique iris image. So nowhere do we hold facial and/or iris images that can be reused by someone else. Moreover, it is impossible to reverse the process, i.e. to obtain an image from a numerical pattern. Once the pattern is generated, the data is always transferred between the devices and the infrastructure via an encrypted connection, which is a further level of security. Finally, the numerical patterns placed in the PayEye database never leave it, because all identifications take place on the server in a closed network, and the database itself is also encrypted. In order for a user to be identified in the PayEye service, it is necessary to compare the biometric pattern of the face and iris with the basic pattern, i.e. your real face and iris. This means you can sleep well because no one but yourself is able to use your biometric details from PayEye.

Are there situations that should arouse my suspicions?

Contact us immediately whenever:

  1. you suspect that someone has accessed your PayEye Wallet;
  2. someone has asked you for your PayEye PIN or other sensitive data;
  3. you notice that our website has an unusual appearance or the service works differently than usual;
  4. you open a link and enter data on a page or application that was confusingly similar to PayEye;
  5. you receive a worrying phone call from a person claiming to be a PayEye employee
  6. you receive a worrying email from an address which is confusingly similar to PayEye’s address, in particular if it contains a suspicious attachment;
  7. someone processes your personal data claiming to have obtained it from PayEye, and he/she is not on the list of entities to which we provide your personal data.
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