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Innovative, secure and fast technology that enables biometric payments.

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You don't need to carry anything with you to pay for everything - all it takes is one look.

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Our technology guarantees you the use of the most secure biometric solutions.

Dedicated promotions

Thanks to our application, you have access to unique promotions at locations with the PayEye service.

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PayEye Points

Find PayEye Points

in your area
PayEye Points
The fusion of Iris and Face Biometrics
Double the Security

Every iris is unique – even the iris of the right eye is different from the left in the same person. Differences are visible even in twins.

Reliable identification

The iris of the eye does not change shape from birth – therefore once a biometric pattern is created it is valid for life.

No barriers

Can be used for identification even in countries where the culture requires the face to be covered.

Double authentication

Thanks to the use of double authentication, our solution can be used globally without the risk of any mistake, regardless of the number of users in the database.

Versatility in various lighting conditions

The iris is very demanding, so facial biometrics is an additional support for identification in very bright light.

Online biometric payments

By combining biometrics, we guarantee secure payments not only offline but online too.

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