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Introduce innovative biometric payments in your brick-and-mortar store and swift e-payeye payments online. Provide your customers with convenience, speed, and security through cutting-edge payment solutions.

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Introduce biometric payment with a glance to your business and offer your customers a unique experience. With the state-of-the-art payment by glance, every transaction becomes secure, intuitive, and lightning-fast. Reduce payment processing time by leveraging biometrics and make your customers want to come back to you.

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Welcome the new era of smart online payments with e-payeye. Empower your customers with even safer, faster, and more convenient payment options – just one click to complete the entire transaction. No more filling out lengthy forms. Introduce e-payeye to your business and elevate your online store to a higher level.

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Harness the potential of our cutting-edge marketing-sales platform and achieve exceptional results. Build strong customer relationships, craft your own promotional campaigns, and boost your sales success. With us, you'll not only create a unique community but also gain an additional tool for communication.
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Why PayEye is secure
We are the world's first to utilize the fusion of iris and facial biometrics for reliable and unequivocal user identification.
We do not store user photos - during the first real-time payment, we generate a unique biometric code assigned to the user.
Our solution is resistant to any attempts at fraud. There is no possibility of impersonating another user or making payments using someone else's image.

Benefits from PayEye

Join the innovative technological forefront testing cutting-edge payment solutions from PayEye.

standing out among the competition

introducing globally innovative solutions

easy Implementation

we support the implementation and installation processes

shortening the purchase process

 lightning-fast transaction finalization both offline and online

enhancing transaction security

unambiguous user identification in both online and offline transactions

boosting orders and sales

reaching new user groups through the PayEye app

additional communication channel

opportunity to build your own communities and create promotional campaigns
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