Pay with the technology of the future

Just the way you like it – conveniently with a single glance at physical stores and effortlessly with a one click on online shops.

eye payments

Discover the magic of eye payments and pay as easily as taking a selfie. Our innovative biometric technology enables secure and convenient transactions with just one look, combining iris and facial biometrics.

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Use the power of smart express online payments. Save your time and avoid lengthy payment procedures. Simply add products to your cart, select our e-payeye payment option, confirm the transaction with just one click, and you’re all set!

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How PayEye works

Download the PayEye app and register

Download the free PayEye app to your phone - fill in your basic details, take a selfie, link your payment card, and enter your preferred addresses and delivery options for online purchases. All this to be able to pay as you like.

Payment with a glance at physical stores

During the first payment, data synchronization with the app occurs, and an individual biometric pattern is created (in real-time). Subsequent payments require just a single glance at the terminal, and the payment is completed.

Smart online payments with "e-payeye"

By selecting the "pay with e-payeye" button, you can make payments from anywhere on the store's website. No filling out forms or registrations. We'll securely provide your data, and finalizing the transaction will take just one click.
Why PayEye is secure
We are the world's first to utilize the fusion of iris and facial biometrics for reliable and unequivocal user identification.
We do not store user photos - during the first real-time payment, we generate a unique biometric code assigned to the user.
Our solution is resistant to any attempts at fraud. There is no possibility of impersonating another user or making payments using someone else's image.
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