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About PayEye

We are a European fintech with Polish roots and global reach that has developed the world’s first commercial full payment ecosystem based on iris biometrics, and again in 2022, the world’s first technology based on the fusion of eye and face biometrics in payments. Combining technology with science, PayEye has developed its proprietary and innovative eyePOS 2.0 payment terminals, supporting biometric payments based on the fusion of biometrics, an in-app electronic wallet for users, and algorithms that process the iris and face into a biometric pattern.

PayEye is the pioneer technology of the future, which uses a fusion of two types of biometrics for even greater convenience, security and functionality. You don’t need to carry utterly anything, to be able to pay for everything – a single glance is all it takes.

The PayEye service will first be introduced in Wroclaw, and will then be available in major cities in Poland, Europe and the world.

The first phase of the project consisted of a pilot of PayEye 1.0 eye payments, implemented in Wrocław and surrounding towns, and made available in over 150 locations, such as the Wrocław Aquapark, MPK Wrocław, Kino Nowe Horyzonty as well as, the AC Hotel by Marriott Wrocław, operating as part of the world’s largest international hotel chain – Marriott International.

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