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One service, many possibilities for you and your business

PayEye is a biometric payment technology that you and your customers will love.

Convenient transactions
Fast, secure and convenient, enabling you to pay in the blink of an eye.
Access to new potential customers
Distinctive from the competition, guaranteeing interest from new potential customers.
Pioneering technology
An innovative payment solution to support the development and promotion of your business.

Innovative eyePOS 3 terminal

Meet our innovative payment device, eyePOS, which makes paying safer, more convenient and faster with just a glance.
Comprehensive support for payment methods
The world's only terminal to support iris and facial biometrics fusion and all types of cashless payments - card, contactless (NFC) and mobile.
Display advertising (PayEye ZONE)
Ability to create advertisements, promotions and communications targeted to your customers with the dedicated PayEye ZONE application.
Android 11
A modern operating system that allows integration with sales systems and dedicated applications.
5.5" display
A large display that allows you to conveniently present, for example, a list of products while a customer is shopping.
Additional camera
An additional camera on the back allows you to read barcodes, tickets or labels on products.

3G/LTE mobile network

Built-in printer

Wi-Fi connectivity

8-core processor

Compact design

NFC connectivity

USB-C Port

Up to 8 hours of battery life

One terminal - many possibilities

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Tailor eyePOS to your business
Choose the ideal solution for you and your business. eyePOS is suitable for both in-store and wherever mobile contact with customers is required.
eyePOS in a mobile kit

A connection designed with your business in mind. With the mobile charging station, you can use the terminal wherever and whenever you want – without limitations. The mobile kit is ideal for catering – including delivery options, events and any industry where mobility, convenience and payment convenience are at the forefront.

The kit includes:
eyePOS biometric terminal
charging station
eyePOS as a stationary solution

A tailored solution for retail businesses such as hotels, restaurants and cash points. The docking station stand provides the perfect display for the terminal and, thanks to its adjustability, also ensures convenient contactless payments. The external keyboard with printing function provides convenience and comfort in handling transactions.

The kit includes:
eyePOS biometric terminal
docking station with a stand
external keyboard with a printing function
Additional terminal colors on the graphic are for reference only. Please be informed that the cost and production time of dedicated terminals will be determined individually and will depend on the number of ordered devices.
Price in PLN
Card transactions
Biometric transactions
Ads on terminal









Price in PLN
Card transactions
Biometric transactions
Ads on terminal









eyePOS your way

eyePOS 3 is more than a terminal. Standard and biometric payments as well as access to your company’s PayEye ZONE app and communicate with your customers.

Match the terminal to your brand
Upon request, you can also create a terminal in the color scheme of your choice.
Our new eyePOS 3 payment terminal is the first device in the world that works by using a fusion of eye and face biometrics.
The fusion of Iris and Face Biometrics
Double the Security

Every iris is unique – even the iris of the right eye is different from the left in the same person. Differences are visible even in twins.

Reliable identification

The iris of the eye does not change shape from birth – therefore once a biometric pattern is created it is valid for life.

No barriers

Can be used for identification even in countries where the culture requires the face to be covered.

Double authentication

Thanks to the use of double authentication, our solution can be used globally without the risk of any mistake, regardless of the number of users in the database.

Versatility in various lighting conditions

The iris is very demanding, so facial biometrics is an additional support for identification in very bright light.

Online biometric payments

By combining biometrics, we guarantee secure payments not only offline but online too.

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