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PayEye ZONE is a dedicated marketing tool that connects your business with our users. Create exclusive promotional campaigns, reach new customers, build your own communities and increase sales. Take advantage of our new communication channel and join PayEye ZONE today.

Join PayEye ZONE today

Reach new customers

Benefit from the capabilities of PayEye ZONE - reach new customers through dedicated campaigns through the PayEye app and on eyePOS terminals.

Create, change, edit

Create and design your campaigns from scratch or use our customisable templates. Our user-friendly and convenient editor will allow you to personalise all of your campaigns.

Plan your campaigns

Communicate on the fly or plan your campaigns in advance - manage your interactions with users in whichever way it suits you.

Take a look how PayEye ZONE works

Take a look how PayEye ZONE works

With PayEye ZONE you gain access to a management panel that allows you to access dedicated tools – like the PayEye ZONE mobile application for your phone, where you will compose dedicated news releases and also access to the PayEye ZONE platform from your computer, where you will be able to manage all sales campaigns and hot offers.

A news tab "What's new?"
A promotional tab "Hot offers!"
Advertising on the eyePOS terminals

What you gain with PayEye ZONE

Contact with customers
Communicate with customers on the latest news & hot offers as well as via eyePOS screens and keep them up to date with what's new.
Your very own user community
Create your own community in the PayEye app and reach existing and new users with the latest news & happenings.
Dedicated Sales tools
Make use of the new PayEye ZONE marketing tool and create your own advertising campaigns to increase your reach.
Increased sales
Promote your products through the PayEye app and increase sales and brand awareness.
Download the app!

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