We are PayEye - a global pioneer in intelligent payments. 

Innovation, security, and technology are in our DNA. We have created a proprietary payment ecosystem based on our modern PayEye application, featuring the world's safest eye-based payments, which rely on the fusion of iris and facial biometrics. Additionally, we offer intelligent express e-payeye payments for e-commerce using QR codes, along with our PayEye ZONE marketing and sales platform for our business partners, enabling community building and user communication. We provide simplicity and convenience without compromising on security.

PayEye’s vision is that biometric offline payments and intelligent online express payments will become widespread, offering everyone unique payment experiences.
Through our innovative solutions, we strive to transform the future of payments by combining technology and convenience into an extraordinary shopping experience. Our mission and vision drive us to continuously improve and shape the future of payments today.


PayEye’s mission is to redefine the future of payments. We strive to provide our customers with the safest and most innovative payment solutions, allowing them to pay with a single glance – in brick-and-mortar stores and with a single click online. Our goal is to revolutionize the way people conduct transactions, offering them exceptional, secure, seamless, and express shopping experiences.

We aim to be a source of inspiration for the payments industry, setting new standards for convenience, security, and innovation. Our biometric technology and intelligent online payments will drive changes that empower customers worldwide to enjoy convenient and secure payments in any situation – whether in-store or online.

We are committed to constantly improving and developing our solutions, staying one step ahead of the competition, and consistently meeting the evolving needs of our customers.

Intelligent express e-payeye payments represent a revolution in the world of online shopping, allowing for instant payments without the need for lengthy forms or credit card details. A single click is all it takes to enjoy a swift and hassle-free purchase – it’s that simple!
Our advanced biometric technology, integrated into our proprietary eyePOS payment terminals, ensures unparalleled convenience and security during eye-based transactions. It’s a simple yet innovative way to pay – just one glance is enough to complete a transaction. It’s easier than taking a selfie!

We live in a time where the combination of cutting-edge technology and scientific progress drives transformative innovations. At PayEye, we embody this synergy, seamlessly bridging the realms of science and technology. Our relentless pursuit of progress has led us to create a fully comprehensive, independent, and entirely secure PayEye ecosystem.

Experience borderless payments with us - PayEye, the innovation shaping the world of tomorrow's payments.
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