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    About PayEye

    PayEye is a Polish fintech that introduces the world’s first so secure, convenient and complete payment system based on payment acceptance and user identification using iris biometrics.
    PayEye has the status of a small payment institution and is the first company in the world to introduce such a solution commercially.

    PayEye is a natural r-evolution in payments.

    The iris identification is the most effective method of human identification among all biometric methods.

    When paying with payeye, you don’t need a wallet, payment card, watch or telephone, all you need is one look.

    This is another stage in the development of biometric payments which, due to its reliability and zero false rejection rates, has the potential to replace existing forms of user authentication.

    Combining technology with science, PayEye has created a whole, independent and secure ecosystem, which consists of proprietary, innovative POS terminals, an electronic wallet for users, algorithms converting the iris into a biometric pattern and in the future also solutions for ATMs and e-commerce.

    Contacts for the media

    We value the work of journalists. We believe that the media have a huge impact on the perception of reality by people, and journalists are able to provide reliable information.

    We trust that the topic of biometric payments, so necessary at present, will not go unnoticed.

    Do you need information, comments, interviews? We will do our best to respond to your need.

    Stefan Augustyn

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