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PayEye partner for World Biometrics Day in Dubai.

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What did the biometric payments industry look like in 2022?
The payments industry is one of the fastest growing in Poland. According to a…
PayEye has received its FIDO Biometric Component Certification, achieving 100% accuracy in detecting presentation attacks.
PayEye, an innovative Polish Fintech that enables fast, easy, and secure payments using a…
PayEye with eye payment at the NBP Money Center
PayEye - a Wroclaw-based fintech that is conquering the world with its innovative technology…
PayEye in the ranking of the 100 largest Polish payment industry companies 2022!
Summary of payment industry companies 2022, and PayEye is in it!
“Big 6 with PayEye” campaign launched
Poles are increasingly willing to pay with their eyes! 10,000 completed transactions thanks to iris and facial biometrics.
What sounded unbelievable not long ago is becoming a fact. Poles are the first…
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