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PayEye shifts to apps, it will soon be in e-commerce as well

Full accessibility and new features in the phone app instead of a web-based account. The Wrocław-based fintech, which was the first in the world to introduce an iris payment, has announced a strong launch into e-commerce. In this case, one of the advantages will be a shorter purchase path and biometrics, developed generally by Wrocław inhabitants, and this is why current and future users of PayEye eye payments will be informed about the discontinuation of the web-based account service.

“On 6 April 2021, to optimise processes, we are discontinuing the use of my.payeye.com website, and we are launching on 7 April the payeye account service via the application that will provide new features” — since Wednesday, 3 February, this message has been sent out to customers of Wrocław-based fintech PayEye, which was the first in the world to develop a full payment ecosystem based on iris biometrics. In April, a mobile phone application joins the PayEye family.

“Almost all of us are becoming the ‘always on’ generation who use smartphones and apps virtually all the time. This is convenient and fast, and much more secure for our money, which is why we decided to shift to the application. “Our customers will find this even better, as it will allow them to track their payments at all times, easily top up their payeye account, as well as provide additional functionality not available through web services. We will share more details closer to the launch of our application,” says Krystian Kulczycki, President of PayEye.

In addition to the app launch on 7 April 2021, PayEye announces a strong entry into e-commerce with one-click payments. Currently, preparations and tests of new solutions are being carried out, which will be made available, among others, to the owners of online shops. The biometrics-based solution is scheduled for release in Q2 2021.
“It is a solution that will not only allow us to pay securely but above all much more quickly than we can pay now. The PSD2 Directive has introduced strong customer authentication requirements online starting this year. It has provided additional protection and made life very difficult because of the additional steps required for authentication. We are already receiving feedback from the e-commerce market that customers become discouraged with their purchases and leave the website virtually at the last possible moment because they have additional requirements to fulfil before making a purchase. After all, we want to pay for our shopping smoothly, safely and, above all, pleasantly. We have found a way around this and have an idea to shorten the purchase path. We are working intensively so that the solution, which is already in the testing phase, can be deployed as soon as possible for widespread use,” says President Kulczycki.

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