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PayEye’s promotion abroad

Earlier we only mentioned it, but now it is official that contracts have already been signed, so can boldly say that PayEye is among the beneficiaries of the “Go to Brand” project.

The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development has granted us nearly PLN 400, 000 subsidy, which we will use to promote our brand on foreign markets.

We feel that we can become a Polish export brand that will be recognizable worldwide. We have an original solution that combines the achievements of science with state-of-the-art technology, thus we have something to be proud of. We want to mark our presence at the most interesting fair and exhibition events in Europe,

United States, United Arab Emirates and Singapore. The choice of these markets is not random and has been dictated by the significant demand in the countries for services related to modern methods of cashless payment.

There will be a promotional campaign of the Polish eye payment method abroad!

18 January 2021
The REIMBURSEMENT action has started
2 February 2021
PayEye shifts to apps, it will soon be in e-commerce as well
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