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PayEye received the prestigious “Teraz Polska” award

PayEye, an innovative Polish company in the payment technology sector, proudly announces receiving the prestigious “Teraz Polska” award for its biometric identification system used for eye-based payments. This distinction is awarded for exceptional achievements in innovation, quality, and contribution to the development of the Polish economy.

This year, the formal gala took place at the National Philharmonic in Warsaw and was preceded by a ceremonial diploma presentation at the Belweder. The “Teraz Polska” award is one of the most recognized and esteemed titles in Poland. It is awarded annually to companies that stand out from the competition and make a significant contribution to the development of their industries and the national economy. PayEye was honored for its groundbreaking solutions in biometric payments and its contribution to the development of modern financial technologies.

“We are extremely proud to receive this prestigious award. The ‘Teraz Polska’ distinction is proof that our biometric technology is changing the way people make payments and that we are a leader in the fintech industry. ‘Teraz Polska’ also motivates us to further develop our services and technology. We plan to continue our global mission of delivering cutting-edge payment solutions that will revolutionize the world of payments and have a positive impact on the daily lives of consumers and the operations of businesses worldwide,” said Daniel Jarząb, CEO of PayEye.

PayEye has made its mark by introducing an innovative biometric payment system that allows transactions through a fusion of iris and facial biometry. This unique solution significantly enhances user security and convenience while reducing the risk of fraud in payment transactions. Soon, the market will see the next generation of the terminal – eyepos 3, which will be a multifunctional device supporting not only biometric transactions but also traditional card, mobile, and NFC transactions.

9 November 2023
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5 June 2024
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