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PayEye has obtained another very important certification PCI PTS

eyePOS 3 is the first payment terminal in the world to accept all types of cashless payments, such as payment cards, those inserted into the terminal as well as with contactless technology, NFC phones or watches, and most importantly in PayEye’s strategy, also those with a single glance. The device is also suitable for P2PE (Point-to-Point Encryption) payment transactions.

As part of the implementation of the new product, the company underwent rigorous evaluation and testing for compliance with card payment security requirements, resulting in PCI certification.

“Customer security is a top priority for us. Receiving PCI certification for PayEye ensures that the information we process, such as card data and PIN numbers, is encrypted, transmitted and stored with proper procedures and the highest standards. By obtaining this certification, we confirm our commitment to protecting customer data and securing transactions. Additionally, by implementing a terminal that supports all types of cashless payments, it will be much easier for us to popularize biometric payments, thanks to the increasing number of places and partners that will use our terminal,” – says Daniel Jarząb, CEO of PayEye.

The latest model of the eyePOS 3 multifunctional payment terminal is distinguished not only by its globally unique dual-mode biometric reader, but also by its 5.5-inch display, which allows it to display advertisements or a list of selected products while the customer is shopping. Also of great importance is the Android operating system version 11, which gives much more possibilities for building integrated solutions within a single device. An additional rear camera allows barcode scanning, so the terminals will be able to be used to read tickets or product labels. The eyePOS 3 will be available in a stationary version with a proprietary stand, as well as a portable version, which is likely to generate a lot of interest among vendors of sales systems in the food service industry, as well as in wide-ranging customer deliveries. The devices are expected to hit the market as early as early 2024.


PayEye is becoming the undisputed leader in the payment terminal security and development industry, consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation. The PCI Certification it has received, as well as the earlier FIDO Biometric Component Certification, reinforce the fintech’s position as a trusted partner for companies seeking secure and efficient payment processing solutions.


26 June 2023
PayEye is the third time Partner of the Pasibrzuch Festival!
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