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In cooperation with Empik and PayEye, Mastercard Expands Biometric Checkout Program to Poland

In cooperation with Empik and PayEye, Mastercard Expands Biometric Checkout Program to Poland

Warsaw, June 5, 2024 – Mastercard, Empik, and PayEye are launching a pilot of biometric payments based on the fusion of iris and facial biometry. Thanks to the collaboration with fintech PayEye and the technological partner of the program – Planet Pay, consumers will be able to test paying by glance at five selected Empik stores in Poland. This marks the first European biometric payment pilot within the Mastercard Biometric Checkout program.

The biometric payment pilot program responds to the growing popularity of biometric technology. Globally, 74% of consumers express a positive attitude towards biometric technologies. In Poland, four out of five respondents admit to using or having used biometric security, and among people aged 18-25, nearly everyone has had contact with biometrics.

Mastercard’s global Biometric Checkout program introduces first-of-its-kind technological frameworks that help establish standards for new payment methods, allowing cardholders to use a wide range of biometric payment authentication methods such as fingerprint, palm scan, facial recognition, or iris scan. Biometrics simplify the transaction finalization process since the consumer no longer needs to use a physical payment card, cash, or mobile device. Within the Mastercard Biometric Checkout, secure and convenient payments are possible through the use of biometrics.

“Mastercard is a pioneer in innovative, security-enhancing payment methods and standardization. Poland is the perfect place for such a groundbreaking pilot program. Our country was one of the first where Mastercard contactless payments were introduced, and Polish consumers are leaders in openness to innovations. The pilot we initiate today with Empik and PayEye also confirms Mastercard’s commitment to developing local technologies and supporting the Polish electronic payments market. We believe that biometrics can provide consumers with the best-in-class experiences, balancing convenience and security, and we look forward to scaling our program here in Poland,” says Marta Życińska, General Manager of Mastercard Europe’s Polish branch.

PayEye is a Polish fintech that develops proprietary technology for cashless biometric payments in stores using a fusion of eye and face biometry. To accept payments in the PayEye system, a merchant must equip itself with a special eyepos terminal. The process requires precise calibration, eliminating the risk of accidentally looking at the terminal and making a payment.

“Participating in the Mastercard Biometric Checkout Program is a huge honor and the culmination of our hard work on the best biometric technology in the world. We believe that ‘pay by glance’ is a global solution that provides consumers with the highest security, user comfort, and incredible experiences regardless of geographical width. Working with brands such as Mastercard and Empik is an incredible adventure for us, and we are thrilled that together we have created a program where shoppers can test the PayEye service on such a scale,” comments Daniel Jarząb, CEO of PayEye.

The collaboration between Mastercard, Empik, and PayEye will further refine consumer shopping experiences and popularize a new, modern way of payment in stores, expanding the range of options previously available. Biometric payments using the fusion of iris and facial biometry will be available starting June 12. Among over 350 Empik stores across Poland, five diverse locations have been selected for the pilot: Warsaw Westfield Mokotów, Wrocław Bielany, Kraków Kazimierz, Poznań Posnania, and Czeladź M1.

“Empik is a unique brand in the market, combining innovation with over 75 years of history. We were one of the pioneers of Polish e-commerce and omnichannel, offering customers solutions that often anticipated the market and set new standards in subscription services, delivery methods, and modern payment forms. We see that our customers are open to innovations and eagerly use new technologies and conveniences, as they translate into even faster, more convenient, and importantly, safer shopping. Therefore, we join the first in Europe pilot of biometric payments within the Mastercard Biometric Checkout program with even greater enthusiasm. I am proud that Empik’s customers will be the first to benefit from this innovative solution. I believe that the security and convenience of shopping provided by biometrics are not just the future but the present of payments in retail,” says Ewa Szmidt, President of Empik Group.

Mastercard’s Biometric Checkout Program will transform payments in brick-and-mortar stores. It is based on a globally applicable set of standards developed by Mastercard, adhered to by banks, retailers, and technology providers, ensuring security and privacy during biometric payments. The Biometric Checkout program adheres to Mastercard’s data responsibility principles, allowing consumers the right to control how their personal data is shared and benefit from its use. As part of the Biometric Checkout program, Mastercard does not process any biometric data but ensures that stakeholders like Empik and PayEye maintain the highest level of security and privacy during biometric payments in-store.
Last year, Mastercard announced the expansion of the Biometric Checkout program to the Asia-Pacific region and launched a second pilot program in Latin America earlier in June. This year, Mastercard has implemented several biometric payment pilot programs in many countries worldwide to continue developing this technology.

3 June 2024
PayEye received the prestigious “Teraz Polska” award
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