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PayEye is the third time Partner of the Pasibrzuch Festival!

Third edition of the Pasibrzuch Festival with 20% discount from PayEye!

From June 30 to July 2, the third edition of the Pasibrzuch Festival will be held at the Partynice racetrack in Wroclaw. As in previous years – admission for all is free. For three days, plenty of attractions will be waiting for the participants, including concerts by Don Guralesko, Jamal, GUTEK or Czeslaw Mozil, the best gastro exhibitors, nightly outdoor cinema and fun zones. The official partner of the event is PayEye, whose biometric terminals can be found at all Festival exhibitors and thanks to which you can get a 20% discount on all attractions by paying with your eyes.

This year’s Pasibrzucha Festival is not only an exhibition of food trucks, an outdoor cinema or attractions for children, but also live concerts. The event is organized from June 30 to July 2 at Wroclaw’s Partynice Racecourse. PayEye, as a Partner of the event, has prepared a 20% discount for participants on all attractions – just download the free app, set up an account and pay with a glance at any of the exhibitors.

This is not the end of the attractions – for the participants of the Festival, together with Pasibus, PayEye has prepared a “Pasiteria Pasibus x PayEye” contest. Everyone who downloads and registers in the Pasibus app is entitled to receive a free contest coupon in the PayEye zone, which, together with the answer to the contest question, should be dropped into an urn. The main prize is as much as PLN 1,500, which can be doubled by buying an additional coupon in the PayEye zone. Importantly, each additional coupon purchased from PayEye wins a guaranteed prize and doubles the prize by an additional PLN 1,500 if the main prize is won.

Entry to the event is free.


6 June 2023
Gary Burtka appointed as President of PayEye USA.
9 November 2023
PayEye has obtained another very important certification PCI PTS
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