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Wroclaw is again the first to test an improved biometric payment technology with PayEye, based on the fusion of eye and face biometrics, at the Pasibrzuch Festival.

PayEye 2.0. is a technology that allows modern biometric payments. Together with a new application and an improved eyePOS 2.0 terminal, it enables payment transactions using the fusion of face and eye biometrics. Wroclaw is the first city in the world to use this innovative and groundbreaking technology.

Although biometric services are already popular worldwide, biometric payments based on eye and face fusion are an absolute revolution happening right before our eyes.

In 2019, a Polish fintech began working on technology that allows biometric payments to be made using the iris of the eye. After months of testing and research, it succeeded in developing an app and payment device that supports biometric payments with a single glance. The PayEye 1.0 pilot lasted more than a year, and during this time PayEye developed its service – gathering user feedback, analyzing the technology and making further improvements. After the completion of the eye payment pilot, the fintech released the new PayEye 2.0 service, which pioneered the fusion of eye and face biometrics. The new service consists of the innovative eyePOS 2.0 payment terminals, which support biometrics fusion, and the cutting-edge PayEye 2.0 mobile application with the ability to plug in a payment card.

– After many months of intensive work, we have created a completely new PayEye 2.0 service, which is completely new, independent and doubly secure thanks to the use of two independent types of biometrics. We are the first in the world to use the fusion of face and eye biometrics, which provides incredible convenience and security for the transactions performed. Although we have already opened branches in Dubai and Amsterdam, we are still very much tied to Wroclaw, and that is why Wroclaw will again be the first to experience our new solution. This is the second time we have decided to appear at the Pasibrzuch Festival, to which of course everyone is invited. Participants of the event will have the opportunity not only to eat well, but also to see what biometric payments are. Anyone who decides to use our service will receive 20% off all festival attractions,” comments Daniel Jarząb, CEO of PayEye.

This year’s Pasibrzuch Festival, is not only an exhibition of food trucks, an outdoor cinema or attractions for children, but also stand-ups and live concerts. The event is organized from July 1-3, at Wroclaw’s Partynice Racecourse. PayEye, as a Partner of the event, has prepared a 20% discount for participants on all attractions – all you have to do is join the service and buy dedicated EyePass coupons with a 20% discount in designated PayEye zones, which can be paid for using only PayEye technology. Registration takes just a moment and can be done from your phone. All you need to do is download the free PayEye 2.0 app, enter your basic data, take a selfie and plug in your payment card. But this is not the end of the attractions – for the participants of the Festival PayEye, together with the Organizers of the event, has prepared a competition “PayEye Pasiteria”. The fun is to purchase a coupon, which, together with the answer to the contest question, should be dropped into an urn. The coupon can be paid for with a glance at biometric terminals from PayEye. Each coupon is an opportunity to claim a guaranteed prize, the pool of which is more than 2,000 gifts, and a chance to win the grand prize – PLN 3,000 each day of the Festival.

Details along with the contest rules are available at: https://festiwalpasibrzucha.payeye.com/konkurs/

The eyePOS 2.0 terminals will also be available right after the festival in venues and service points in Wroclaw, the list of which is updated on an ongoing basis at www.payeye.com.


24 June 2022
PayEye 2.0 service is now available!
14 July 2022
PayEye is celebrating the second birthday of Hala Świebodzki. Come and enjoy a 20% discount on the birthday weekend!
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