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PayEye 2.0 service is now available!

We have improved the technology and are introducing a new service based on the fusion of eye and face biometrics.

Exactly two years after the launch of the iris payment pilot, we have implemented a new service using two independent biometrics on 24 June 2022.
Along with PayEye 2.0, we made available eyePOS 2.0 biometric terminals and the PayEye 2.0 mobile application with the ability to plug in a card.

Registration in the service has been simplified to three simple steps, such as downloading the application and creating a free account, taking a selfie and attaching a card.



We are currently in the process of building the infrastructure, and you can find a list of available points with the new service here: https://payeye.com/en/payeye-point/

14 June 2022
PayEye the most interesting start-up in the cashless industry!
30 June 2022
Wroclaw is again the first to test an improved biometric payment technology with PayEye, based on the fusion of eye and face biometrics, at the Pasibrzuch Festival.
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