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The Aquapark Wrocław is the first swimming pool complex in the world to introduce payment with the eye.

At the Aquapark Wrocław, you will be able to pay with an iris. This is the first water park in Wrocław, Poland and the world to offer this possibility to its customers. On Tuesday, 10 November, the company’s management signed a cooperation agreement with PayEye, a Wrocław-based fintech company which was the first in the world to introduce biometric payment using this technology. Despite the pandemic, the Aquapark Wrocław is preparing for the return of customers and reopening. Currently, renovation works are being carried out in the recreation area, next to the jacuzzi and the lazy river, but that is not all yet. As soon as the sanitary restrictions are lifted, and the water park is opened to visitors, the visitors will have an innovative iris payment method available. No water park in the world has such an offer for its customers. “As soon as I heard about the possibility of making payments with the eye, I thought it was perfect for the customers of our Aquapark. You come to the swimming pool, sauna or gym with a towel, sportswear, swimming costume and flip-flops. If we do not have to have a wallet or a phone with us and the payments are made literally in the blink of an eye, our stay will become faster and easier. We love such technological novelties,’ says Grzegorz Kaliszczak, President of Aquapark. President Grzegorz Kaliszczak, together with Paweł Rańda, a member of the Management Board of Aquapark, has just signed a cooperation agreement with PayEye, a company which introduced its own payment system with the eye.

“We dreamt of a payment system that would not require a wallet, a card, a telephone or any additional item that limits us. The customers of the Aquapark Wrocław want to enjoy its attractions with complete freedom, and that is what the idea of payeye is all about. Today has made me happy, because we will be working with a very important partner, and this is how we approach the Aquapark Wrocław. We hope that the epidemic threat and restrictions will pass as soon as possible because we cannot wait for the first Aquapark customer to make the payment at one look,” explains Krystian Kulczycki, President of PayEye. Payment with the eye in a few steps: Just register at www.payeye.com and top up your free account. During your first visit to the Aquapark, your biometric pattern (payeye code) will be created, which will be used for secure payments. Using the account as well as transactions made with the iris of the eye are free of charge.

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