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PAYEYE RUN – big-hearted runners helped sick children

We have collected exactly PLN 14,764 for the charges of “ZOBACZ MNIE” Foundation. All this thanks to the joint work of the organisers, partners and runners during the 1st PAYEYE CHARITY RUN – “ZOBACZ ME” [SEE ME], which was organised on 10 October in Szczytnicki Park and in the Centennial Hall, for the benefit of the little charges of the “ZOBACZ MNIE” Foundation. On Tuesday, 20 October, the charity action was finalised in the Wrocław Market Square, and a symbolic cheque was donated.

Running and helping is still possible. Despite the cold weather and new restrictions, which came into force due to the quarantine, on Saturday, 10 October, a set of competitors appeared at the start line of the run. Nearly 150 players took part in both distances: 5 and 10 kilometres, which is the maximum possible number in the current situation. There were more people willing to participate, but we had to respect the restrictions in order to ensure the safety of the participants first and foremost. “This was one of the first events in which we dared to take part after the first wave of the pandemic and, as we already know today, probably also one of the last in the coming months.

We have hard times now, and we, as a foundation, feel how difficult it is to find funds to help children. Meanwhile, the disease will not wait until everything settle down. Help is needed here and now. That is why we are all the more grateful for the support we have received thanks to the great-hearted runners,’ explains Agnieszka Aleksandrowicz, President of the “ZOBACZ ME” Foundation. The organisational costs of the charity run were covered by the PayEye company, thanks to which all the funds collected from the starter packages went to the treatment of the charges of the “ZOBACZ ME” FOUNDATION.

The company also provided its own resources to help sick children. ”Business must not only be modern but also responsible. The pretext for the charity action was World Biometrics Day. I am delighted that, at this challenging time, we have been able to join in helping sick children who have to fight even more adversity. The activities of the “ZOBACZ ME” Foundation are becoming even more important now,” says Krystian Kulczycki, President of PayEye, the first company in the world to introduce a complete payment system based on payment acceptance and user identification using iris biometrics. The prizes for the winners, apart from the main partner of the run – PayEye fintech, were funded by Mercedes-Benz Grupa Wróbel, and OSHEE that donated the drinks to the starter packages.

Hearts and muscles of our athletes were warmed up by specialists from Body Change Center. They were warmly cheered on by Olympic medallist – Paweł Rańda. The Lower Silesian Volunteer Ambulance Service in Wrocław was responsible for medical protection.

Until 31 October, you can still help by taking part in a virtual run – PAYEYE RUN – ZOBACZ MNIE. This is an opportunity for all those who wanted to take part in our run and could not be with us on that day. What you need to do to run with us:

– pay a contribution of PLN 49 to the foundation’s bank account with the reference: virtual run, Bank account number: 12 1090 2398 0000 0001 4307 1844 – SANTANDER BANK POLSKA SA
– post a picture of your run (the distance doesn’t matter!) and a proof of the contribution payment of the event page of the ZOBACZ ME Foundation Facebook profile. Each participant of the run, as before, will receive a starter package, including A MEDAL, “THANK YOU” LETTER, T-SHIRT, CAP OR FACE MASK The entire donation will be donated to the treatment of our charges. These brave warriors need you today more than ever.

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