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Residents of Warsaw and Poznan are looking to the future – they’ve lived to see the possibility of one glance payments!


Payment by glance is now available in new cities. From November 5, residents of Warsaw and Poznan can use this innovative service. They will find eyePOS 2.0 terminals in Komputronik stores in the Arkadia and Posnania shopping centers. PayEye has thus launched the possibility of ordering the innovative and world’s only eyePOS terminals to partners from all over Poland.

Komputronik was the first chain in Poland and the world to introduce eyePOS payment in its Wroclaw store in mid-October. The pilot proved to be a great success, as since November 5 the company’s customers can use the PayEye service in its Warsaw and Poznań showrooms.

– I’m glad that just two weeks after the first implementation, our partner decided to install eyePOS in its other salons. Payment by eye will appear for the first time in Warsaw and Poznan. This expansion gives us the opportunity to reach new customers, as well as to present our service more closely to extremely interesting markets. I’m sure that many residents of Warsaw and Poznan will become convinced to pay with a glance just as quickly as those in Wroclaw,” says Daniel Jarząb, CEO of PayEye. – I think that the expansion of our scope will also be an impulse for other companies to use this form of payment. Brands need to follow global trends, and we are creating them. We invite anyone interested to contact us via the form in the business zone on our website and implement gaze payments in their companies,” adds Jarząb.

PayEye is a technology that allows modern biometric payments. Together with the new application and the improved eyePOS 2.0 terminal, it enables the execution of transactions
payments using a fusion of eye and face biometrics. Payment execution is very simple. All you need to do is download the dedicated, free app, create an account, take a selfie and
plug in your payment card. Thanks to this, when going shopping there is no need to take out cash, phone or wallet. We will complete the payment with a glance.
PayEye is a technology that currently provides the most secure form of payment processing in the world. The eyePOS terminal is protected against any form of data leakage.

Data is transferred only within a closed infrastructure through an encrypted connection. Tokens, an encrypted form of payment card, are used to process payments. Generating the tokens and ensuring the security of transactions is handled by ITCARD, a Polish leader in processing ATM and electronic payment transactions for banks and financial institutions. By the end of the year, PayEye wants to make 300 devices nationwide.


14 October 2022
PayEye partner for World Biometrics Day in Dubai.
16 November 2022
Poles are increasingly willing to pay with their eyes! 10,000 completed transactions thanks to iris and facial biometrics.
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