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PayEye partner for World Biometrics Day in Dubai.

For the third time, PayEye (global pioneer of eye payments) was a partner of the international celebration of World Biometrics Day, which was held in Dubai in 2022.

“From year to year we notice a strong increase in interest in biometrics, therefore participation in events aimed at popularizing biometrics on the one hand, and strengthening relations between companies implementing this type of technology on the other, is very important to us.” Anna Andrych- CMO PayEye

Many experts from around the world participated in the discussions and debates.

Participants in the international debate included Thirmachos Bourlai – associate professor at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Adam Czajka – vice president of the IEEE Biometrics Council, Salih Ismail – lecturer at the School of Science and Engineering, , Dr. Barbara Mróz-Gorgoń – CEO of the Association of Global Biometrics Council, Kris Slotwinski – CSO at BNP Paribas Bank Poland, and Daniel Jarząb – CEO of PayEye

14 October 2022
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