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PayEye for the first time at GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK!

GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK is the largest technology trade fair in the world!

It is where startups from all over the world have been presenting their innovative technological solutions since 1981.
During this year’s edition PayEye will present its world’s first innovative eye payment service and the latest eyePOS 2.0 device.
Participants of GITEX Technology Week on 17-21.10.2021 will be the first to have the opportunity to try our newest device, which has changed not only visually, but also modified to provide even faster and more secure eye payments.

The new eyePOS 2.0 means, above all
– extremely fast identification
– new cameras, a new system and processor as well as automatic adjustment to lighting conditions
– Fusion of biometrics for even greater security
– Intuitive operating system

There is good reason why eyePOS 2.0 will be launched at such a prestigious international event, which is the @GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK!
This is an ideal opportunity to show the world our innovative eye payment service and present a terminal that is innovative on a global scale and combines security, modern elegant design and the latest technology.

We invite everyone to our multimedia booth H4-A22 and the premiere of eyePOS 2.0.

In research and development we are supported by the European Union and the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR) and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP).
More about GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK: https://gitex.com/

4 October 2021
World Biometrics Day
11 November 2021
Poland’s eye payment delighted in Dubai!
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