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About PayEye

We combine science with technology. We have created a complete, independent and fully secure PayEye ecosystem, consisting of proprietary eyePOS eye payment devices, a mobile application for users and algorithms that process the iris and face into a biometric pattern. PayEye is not only technology that allows biometric eye payments, it is also about offering faster e-payeye payments in e-commerce and the PayEye Zone. PayEye Zone is a marketing platform operating within the PayEye mobile payment app, connecting brick-and-mortar and online stores with the customer community. Thanks to PayEye ZONE, shoppers can follow their favorite places where they make purchases. Sellers can share advertising and promotional content with the community of buyers, encouraging repeat purchases and reaching new customers, consequently increasing the number of store visitors and sales volume. The PayEye app is no longer just a payment app to assign our favorite payment cards to our biometric pattern and pay quickly and securely at physical and online locations. It also becomes a powerful marketing tool that increases the number of customers and orders and  should be included by marketers and e-commerce experts in their strategies., which you will get to know soon.

Biometrics - an unstoppable trend

Biometrics, as a science, is a closely related field to biology, encompassing a set of methods to identify or confirm a person’s identity using their biological characteristics – be they anatomical features or behavioural traits.

Using expertise from many areas of mathematics and computer science, such as information theory, statistics and image processing, experts are able to create algorithms that can identify a person with high probability among large populations without error. Nowadays, fast and accurate identity confirmation is crucial for the efficient delivery of many services.

At the same time, we face numerous risks, such as the risk of identity and document theft, having to remember many complicated passwords, PINs, or wearing ID badges. Biometrics, whereby our own biological characteristics can be both an identifier and a password, is becoming the natural answer to these challenges. There is no future for digital services without biometrics.

PayEye is a lifestyle

We offer the solutions and you use them on your own terms. You make your own choices as to where and how you pay. Thanks to us you can feel true freedom, comfort and safety. You do not need anything to pay for everything.

Payment R-evolution

We are a European fintech with Polish roots and global reach, which is the first in the world to develop a commercial full payment ecosystem based on iris and face biometrics. In addition to eye payments, we will soon make PayEye Zone and e-commerce solutions available to users and merchants.

Everything in one place

PayEye is technology that enables fast and secure biometric payments. With us you have everything in one place. A new adventure is at your fingertips – just download the PayEye application.

PayEye is a response to the growing needs and expectations of consumers around the world

The company has brought solutions from the future into everyday life. “The direction of biometrics within every industry will soon be a natural one. The pandemic has made consumers look for more convenient and secure technology – also within the payment sector. Similar expectations are held by entrepreneurs, who are paying more attention to the security of both their own staff and their customers. An additional advantage is time saving, as the entire transaction process can be significantly accelerated. Biometrics also has the advantage of supporting strong user authentication. Already today, it can be seen that biometric solutions in addition to payments can be used much more widely – in our everyday life, for example, as a form of access to premises or warehouses, confirmation of contracts, decision-making or identification of individuals.

Development History of PayEye
  • Work started on our PayEye Project
  • We started to put the team together
  • We created our first biometric Algorithm
  • We built our first payment terminal eyePOS 1.0
  • E-wallet and management centre created
  • The Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) granted us a Small Payment Institution licence
  • We received a grant from the National Centre for Research & Development, of 10,702,859.72 PLN, POIR.01.01-00-1082/19
  • 24.06.2020 We launch in Poland, world’s first commercial eye payment, realised in Wrocław.
  • Sushi Naka Naka, the first location with payments by eye
  • First Biometric studies carried out by PayEye
  • We obtained a grant from PARP (Go to Brand) of 394 060.00 PLN, POIR.03.03-02-0005/20
  • Implemented our mobile app
  • (New Horizons Cinema) Our 150 retail partner
  • Second Biometric studies carried out by PayEye
  • Global launch of the PayEye solution, at the Gitex Technology Week in Dubai
  • Two new office locations in Amsterdam and Dubai
  • Development of new eyePOS features
  • Implementation fusion Biometrics of the Iris and Face
  • Opening of US office
  • Completion of development of the world’s first eyePOS 3 multifunctional payment terminal
  • Implementation of e-payeye express payments in the e-commerce area
  • Implementation of the PayEye Zone marketing and sales platform for merchants
Why is PayEye technology safe?

You often hear about unauthorised card payments, PayEye’s technology solves this problem – we support biometric eye payments by providing a wallet solution to add a payment card in the PayEye app, where card payments are confirmed with face and eye biometrics.

We are the first in the world to use the fusion of face and eye biometrics, which provides double security for processed transactions.

Taking a closer look

Our service also solves the problem of theft in contactless payments. Money cannot be used without user interaction or unauthorised reading of irises and faces from a distance.

We're changing biometrics into codes

A Biometric template is created from the iris image in real time (we do not store the image of the iris in our system). It is not possible to reverse the process and obtain the iris image from the biometric template created by us, which we call the PayEye code. The created code is transmitted and stored in a secure IT infrastructure. Once stored, it never leaves it again.

Secure Algorithms

We use the most secure data encryption algorithms. The infrastructure is subjected to regular and rigorous security testing. Personal data is processed with the utmost care for its security using the necessary organisational and technical measures in line with Data Regulation Protection, biometric best practices and security standards.

Prizes & Awards
Nominated for the Money.pl award 2022
eDukat 2022 Category: Most interesting startup from the cashless payment sector
Polish product of the future category "Entrepreneur's product of the future"
Singapore Fintech Festival, Impact Finance Award 2020
Poland's Intelligent Development award 2020
Cashless.pl category Fintech Future, Map of Polish Fintechs
Rzeczpospolita Hottest Polish Startups 2021
Start-up Challenge, Category Fintech
FinTech & InsurTech Awards, Category 'Manager of the Year'
Brief 50 Most creative people in Business
Creative 30 of Wrocław 2020
My Company Poland Best Polish Fintechs 2022
Cashless Congress 4 Startups, Finalist in the eDukat 2021 competition
Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, Go to Brand
Shortlisted top 5 Best Biometric safety systems StartUs Insights
Fintech Summit Poland 2022, Nomination in the category "best PayTech solution"
Forbes, Winner of the second edition of "Leaders of the Future"
Data Economy Innovators Awards, category BEST SOLUTION
Cashless.pl category Fintech Future, Map of Polish Fintechs
Innovative Leader 2023 category Innovative Startup
Certificates and Partners
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