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Voucheriada action at the Shrimp House

Join the group of PayEye Users and receive a PLN 50 voucher to be used at Shrimp House .

What should I do to receive a voucher?

1. Create an account on https://my.payeye.com/ between 4 and 17 January.

2. Come to one of the Shrimp House Wrocław restaurants and complete the registration process creating the pattern of the iris.

3. Receive a PLN 50 voucher that you can use at Shrimp House Wrocław.

The promotion runs until 17 January 2021. The voucher can be used until the end of January (31/01/2021).

Learn about the details of the promotion: http://bit.ly/3nl2ZSx

See for yourself how simple and convenient it can be to pay with your eye.

30 December 2020
Biometric r-evolution awarded again!
18 January 2021
The REIMBURSEMENT action has started
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