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The year of paying with the eye – Poland’s only cinema in the world where you pay for your ticket with… your eye!

PayEye is accelerating, although it is only celebrating one year of market presence. The unique Nowe Horyzonty Cinema joins the group of the company’s partners. The place, which has always presented innovative phenomena in cinema, will be the 150th facility in Poland and the first cinema in the world with an innovative iris payment system. Until recently, only in films and in the visions of technology enthusiasts was it possible to pay with the eye.

“This is not the script for the next part of the cult movie The Matrix – such a feature is very real and available. By introducing payment with the eye, we will combine not only security but also modernity and convenience for cinema lovers. We are not only open to innovative phenomena in cinema, but also to new technologies, which is why we joined the pilot project with PayEye,”says Daniel Ratuszniak, President of the Nowe Horyzonty Cinema.

Thus, the Nowe Horyzonty Cinema in Wrocław, presenting artistic cinema, is the first cinema in the world where a ticket can be purchased by paying with one glance. “The Nowe Horyzonty Cinema is not only an important partner, but also a place which sets new directions in the presentation of interesting repertoire and intuitive and friendly customer service. These values are also close to us, which is why we are pleased that the Nowe Horyzonty Cinema is the 150th place on the eye payment map. We have only been operating for a year, and although we originally planned to conduct the pilot in several dozen locations, the number of 150 partners is a great honour and expression of trust for us,” says Krystian Kulczycki, CEO of PayEye.

On the occasion of the pilot year, PayEye has prepared a special surprise together with the Nowe Horyzonty Cinema. From 24 to 30 June, a single repertory film voucher will be added as a gift to each of the first 150 eye transactions.

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Eye payment? It works The PayEye fintech has introduced eye payment for commercial use on exactly 24 June 2020. The pilot is being conducted on a large scale in and around Wrocław, and the first eye payment was made at Wrocław’s Sushi Naka Naka. Since then, the number of points has increased to 150. Already today, the payment is possible, among others, in restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, hotels, aqua parks and swimming pools, beauty salons, and even at the cash register of MPK or the clinic.

PayEye was the first in the world to bring eye biometrics to commercial use in payments. Scientists, IT and finance experts were invited to join this original project, which resulted in a unique and convenient payment system based on innovative solutions. The PayEye ecosystem, prepared as a result of the team’s work, is currently the most secure user identification system using iris biometrics. Such a payment is safe, both from a sanitary point of view and to safeguard finances against possible theft. Today, few people recall a time when paying by card was something as unique and innovative as today’s eye payment. Even then, institutions introducing card payments had quite a challenge ahead of them, which today seems to be taken for granted. Early June marked the 30th anniversary of the introduction of the first payment card in Poland. Initially, the use of this form of payment was severely restricted. Not so long ago, payment at a kiosk or grocery store was almost impossible or subject to limits. Today, we can pay by card practically everywhere, but it took the world several decades for this type of payment to become widespread. Today we have completely different times, which is why PayEye wants to shorten this time, which is why it is conducting a large-scale pilot. This pilot is slowly coming to an end and preparations are underway for a nationwide roll-out, with the next stage being Europe and… the world.

PayEye – simplicity and security with rewards The whole system is very simple. All you have to do is download the PayEye app on your phone and then register and quickly top up your free account. Eye payment is made via a special payment terminal – convenient, secure and without restrictions. Use of the account and transactions made with iris are free of charge. Later this year, the mobile application will gain new functionalities to complement the offer to users. PayEye will also extend its service to the e-commerce market. In less than 12 months of its market presence, PayEye has won numerous awards, including the Polish Intelligent Development Award, a prestigious award at Impact Finance 20′ along with an appearance at the Singapore Fintech Festival, the Creative Wroclaw Award, and the Manager of the Year title for CEO Krystian Kulczycki.

8 June 2021
Great feast with PayEye in Pasibus (- 50% in Dziadzio)!
25 June 2021
20% off with PayEye on all attractions during the Pasibrzuch Festival!
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