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The world’s first public transport company where you pay for a monthly ticket… with your eye

MPK Wrocław has launched eye payment at the Passenger Service Office. The city company is the first carrier in the world to introduce an innovative iris payment system by Wrocław-based fintech PayEye.

No cash in your pocket and a flat phone is not a problem when you can pay with one look. Such possibility is already available at the Passenger Service Office of MPK Wrocław at ul. B. Prusa 75-79.

“It is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. As it turns out, they can also be used as a payment card,” says the president of MPK Wrocław, Krzysztof Balawejder. “ MPK is also moving with the times when it comes to new technologies that make paying at our Passenger Service Office easier. I am glad that such an idea was born in Wrocław.”

At the Passenger Service Office of MPK at ul. Bolesława Prusa you can, among other things, pay for a season ticket or pay for a fare supplement. Naturally, the existing, more traditional forms of payment are also available there: cash or debit card.

The PayEye fintech solution is safe for health, but also for our finances – as the eye iris cannot be stolen or forged. For example, placing a photo of someone’s eye on the terminal will not work either, as the device is protected against such fraud attempts. The entire payment process is completely contactless – it’s literally a matter of looking in the direction of the terminal.

“PayEye brings conventional payment methods to the technology of the future. Our solution is simply eye payment, and it brings convenience, simplicity and security to you. No cash in your pocket and a flat phone is no longer a problem when you can pay with one look. We are glad that MPK Wrocław passengers will be able to use this opportunity,” says Krystian Kulczycki, President of PayEye.

A surprise awaits passengers who take advantage of the eye payment for the first time. Early registration online at payeye.com will give you the opportunity to benefit from a refund for your first eye transaction of up to PLN 50 on your first visit to MPK Wrocław.

PayEye launched eye biometrics for commercial use in payments at the end of June 2020. Today in Wrocław and its surroundings you can pay with your eye, among others, in restaurants and cafes, grocery shops and delicatessens. The list of almost 120 points also includes service outlets, petrol stations and car washes, and the sports and leisure industry is also strongly present.

Some of the places that have attracted the most interest, where the eye payment system has recently appeared, include Wrocław’s Aquapark, the ice rink at the Wrocław Stadium, or AC Hotel Wrocław, which operates as part of the world’s largest international hotel chain, Marriott International. MPK Wrocław has joined this group.

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