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Payeye service available in over twenty locations

Just under a week after the pilot launch of the payeye service, the partner network of fintech from Wrocław has over 20 points in Wrocław, Kiełczów and Wysoka. Now you can pay not only for sushi, but also for everyday shopping, ice cream, flowers, clothes, a haircut or dentist’s appointment or a massage with just one look.

As we have promised, the list of our Partners is growing day by day. “Today, there are over 20 points where you can use the payeye service. By the end of the holiday, there will be over 60 points offering the payeye service,” says Krystian Kulczycki, President of PayEye sp. z . o.o.

Currently, the PayEye partner network consists of single service points (LaKoshi, KASUN Twoje Centrum Piękna, Sky Clinic, SID Studio Beauty), grocery and clothing stores (City Market Wrocław, City Market Wysoka, Delikatesy Pod Dębem, Zaowocowani in Kiełczów, Takeshy Kurosawa Wrocław), restaurants (Sushi Naka Naka, Portofino Wrocław, AULA italiani in cucina) and mini chains such as: Chleboteka (four outlets) or Krasnolód (outlets).

PayEye, established in Wrocław, operates under the supervision of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and has the status of a small payment institution. In addition to the fact that the entire payment system is based on the unique iris pattern of the human eye, the PayEye ecosystem is independent and secure, and consists of proprietary, innovative POS payment devices (PayEye payment devices), an electronic wallet for users and algorithms converting the iris into a biometric pattern (payeye code).

As part of the “payeye at first look” campaign, the first 1000 people who open a payeye account will receive PLN 50 to use at PayEye Partners.

Go to www.payeye.com, register and see how convenient paying can be!

Mini glossary

  • PayEye – company name
  • payeye – the name of the iris payment service
  • PayEye payment device – payment terminal
  • payeye code – image of the iris of the eye (pattern) saved in the form of an alphanumeric code
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