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PayEye has received its FIDO Biometric Component Certification, achieving 100% accuracy in detecting presentation attacks.

PayEye has received its FIDO Biometric Component Certification, achieving 100% accuracy in detecting presentation attacks.


PayEye, an innovative Polish Fintech that enables fast, easy, and secure payments using a fusion of iris and facial biometrics, has recently received its FIDO Biometric Component Certification.


As part of the FIDO certification, an independent, accredited laboratory, conducted a series of tests to evaluate the effectiveness of PayEye’s implemented biometric recognition, as well as the security of PayEye’s system against presentation detection attacks. The Fintech presented its latest eyePOS 2.0 biometric terminal equipped with a proprietary iris recognition algorithm for evaluation. The highly qualified and experienced US-based company iBeta was selected to collaborate on the certification project. The biometric terminal from PayEye underwent a series of tests of 14 different types of attacks defined by the FIDO test protocols and repelled more than 300 attempted attacks thus achieving a zero attack acceptance error rate.


“Our users do not have to carry cash, cards or even a phone, to pay quickly, conveniently and securely. There is no previous payment provider that has combined two independent human biometric features in such a natural and intuitive way. We believe our solution is the future of payments – a system that you know how to use the moment you first see it, ensuring the highest industry standards for payments. The FIDO certification we obtained proves that our technology is secure, accurate and adequately protected against all forms of attacks and attempts at fraud, because for us, the safety of our customers is paramount.” – Daniel Jarząb, CEO of PayEye.


PayEye provides technology that enables modern biometric payments. Together with the new app and the improved eyePOS 2.0 terminal, it enables payment transactions using a fusion of eye and face biometrics. Payment processing is very simple. All you have to do is download the free dedicated app, create an account, take a selfie and connect your payment card. This way, when going shopping, there is no need to take out cash, a phone or a wallet. Payment is completed with just a single glance.


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