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PayEye Gastro Zone returns to Zwycięska Street

Great return of the PayEye Gastro Zone


The PayEye Gastro Zone has reopened this week, where city residents and tourists can eat well, drink delicious coffee and relax. All those who are interested will be able to take advantage of the surprises prepared including promotions and discounts.

This time, visitors will be able to take advantage of buying products from such gastronomic brands as Makarun, Gruba Panda, Etno Cafe and Dwarf. Everyone will also be able to relax and catch the spring sunshine. Importantly, there’s no need to bring a wallet or payment card – because you can pay there with your eyes, of course.

The PayEye Gastro Zone will be open seven days a week, and an attractive discount of 20% on the entire order awaits those paying with a glance.


– PayEye Gastro Zone is a unique place in Wroclaw’s Oltaszyn, which is very popular among the locals. You can not only eat well there, but also relax in the fresh air or meet with friends. This year we are starting with a new Partner, providing customers with products from Makarun, Gruba Panda, Etno Cafe and Krasnolód. These are brands that are well-known and well-liked by Wroclaw residents, with something for everyone. – Anna Andrych, PayEye Marketing and Communications Director.


6 April 2023
PayEye wins the “Best Solution” category at the Data Economy Innovators Awards!
13 April 2023
Payments by glance are the fastest!
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