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New PayEye 2.0 service with fusion of eye and face biometrics.

Exactly two years after the launch of the iris payment pilot, on June 24, 2022. PayEye has released a new target service using two independent biometrics. PayEye 2.0 is the world’s first service using a fusion of eye and face biometrics. Along with the new service, the eyePOS 2.0 biometric terminals, the PayEye 2.0 mobile app with card-attachment capability and a new website have been made available.


– After months of intensive work, we can say with full responsibility that the future is happening before our eyes. We have created a complete, independent and completely secure PayEye ecosystem, and we are the first in the world to use the fusion of facial and eye biometrics in payments, which provides double security for executed transactions. By the end of the year, we aim to launch several hundred payment devices that will support payments using face and eye biometrics,” comments Daniel Jarząb, CEO of PayEye.


PayEye 2.0 is distinguished by the fusion of eye and face biometrics. As a result, the new version of the service is more convenient for the user and allows more efficient processing of transactions using PayEye technology. With the ability to plug in payment card data to the PayEye Wallet, the user does not need to additionally fund the account. Planet Pay, with which PayEye cooperates in supporting the PayEye Wallet in the mobile app, is responsible for handling payments. Registration for the service has been simplified to three simple steps, such as downloading the PayEye 2.0 app and setting up a free account, taking a selfie and plugging in a payment card.


The first eyePOS 2.0 terminals can be found in selected venues and service points in the Wroclaw area, and on July 1-3, during the Festival Pasibrzucha in Wroclaw, all participants of the event will be able to use the new technology. PayEye has also provided special discounts and promotions for those who choose to make a biometric payment.

PayEye continues to develop eyePOS terminals, which will eventually support biometric, contactless and traditional payments.


30 March 2022
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14 June 2022
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