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AC Marriott Hotel, you can book a room with … the eye

AC Hotel by Marriott Wrocław is the first hotel in the world to provide PayEye eye payment service to its guests. Despite the pandemic, the hotel industry is committed to the development and new technologies – automatic disinfection, on-line checking in and opening doors with a smartphone are just some of them. And history has made a circle because it was the Marriott Hotel (Warsaw) that several decades ago, was the first hotel in Poland to introduce card payments. AC Hotel Wroclaw is located in a renovated historic building in the heart of Wrocław, right next to the National Forum of Music. “The AC by Marriott brand itself is located in the four-star lifestyle segment and is open to new technologies. Our guests have the possibility to check-in and check out on-line, they can also open the doors of their rooms with their own phone, which is facilitated by a special application. Now we are taking the next step and introducing payments with the eye. Innovation fits perfectly not only in the DNA of our business but also in the needs of our guests. And they follow the novelties and willingly use the technical novelties especially during a pandemic,” says Aneta Jeton-Szotek, CEO of AC Hotel by Marriott in Wrocław. The Marriott chain has always been associated not only with luxury but also with innovation. The first terminal for cashless payments by card was installed at the Marriott Hotel in Warsaw in 1992. From now on, the Wrocław hotel operating under the Marriott chain is the first hotel in the world where you can pay with just one look. “A payment that we can make without having a wallet, card, phone or any other item is a direction that cannot be changed. Moving away from cash is a trend that has been accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic and is supporting the development of our biometric payment system. Just during the pandemic, PayEye has implemented the world’s first payment with the eye, and we are delighted that guests of AC Hotel Wrocław, who are very important to us, will join us. I hope that the restrictions that affect the hotel industry will soon disappear and will allow us to benefit even more from the innovations that make our lives easier,” says Krystian Kulczycki, President of the PayEye, fintech based in Wrocław.

AC by Marriott Wrocław is a 4-star, lifestyle hotel with a swimming pool and spa area, where each of 91 rooms is individually decorated. Some of them have terraces with a place to relax and with a view of the city. AC Hotel Wrocław was built in a renovated tenement house, which once housed the Reich Bank. In the basements of the former vault, a place for the original wine cellar was developed. Marriott International is the world’s largest international hotel chain, which operates in various formats and under many (31 currently) brands – including AC.

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