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We are a team of people with different eye colours, personalities, experiences, interests and talents. However, we have a strong bond – a passion for what we create in PayEye and a belief that our work will make our world simpler, more comfortable and at the same time safer.

Krystian Kulczycki
President of PayEye

An experienced manager and specialist in managing banks and financial institutions. The President and co-owner of PayEye that is involved in the development of the company. His extensive knowledge of building and effective management of multi-channel distribution networks and his stoicism, combined with his sense of humour, positively influence the Team and the development of the product and the company. He willingly shares his knowledge and experience during national and international conferences of the financial industry. He charges his energy batteries by practising triathlon and spending time with the family.

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Daniel Jarząb
Member of the Board and Co-Founder

Co-founder of PayEye. Experienced manager that was associated with large international corporations for most of his professional life. His visionary approach and development in the structures of the world’s largest companies has enriched him with experience that helps him building PayEye. Privately, he is passionate about the latest technologies, sportsman and automotive fan. He draws inspiration from the greatest and never gives up – he believes that anything is possible, it’s just a matter of determination and time.

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Radosław Ruda

One of the co-founders of PayEye. He was never afraid of taking risks and developing business in completely new areas. Interested in new technologies that could change the world and make life easier. His strategic planning experience translates into constant product development and brand strengthening. He is passionate about innovative solutions and aviation enthusiast . In his free time he loves to spend time with his loved ones.

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Piotr Kłodnicki
International Partnership Manager

Financier. In the past he worked as a financial manager and financial director in Polish and foreign enterprises. For the last 10 years, he has been working for Venture Capital / Private Equity investment funds as an investment director and managing partner of the fund. For many years he has been involved in the acceleration and business development of technological startups. At the same time, he is a business coach and an expert of the European Commission for the evaluation of innovative projects. Privately, an airplane pilot, mountain and ski lover.

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Jaromir Frankowicz
Chief Information Officer

Top-notch IT manager with over 23 years of experience in banking and finance sector. He has worked in the largest financial institutions in the World and Europe. He was responsible for several banking mergers in Poland, built global shared-service centers for 13 countries, and introduced Polish banking sector to the Public Cloud. He turns new technologies and innovations into practical, usable solutions. Team player, former basketball player. He knows that people are the most important in any organization. Privately, a father of four wonderful kids and a fan of the American automotive industry.

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dr inż. Mateusz Trokielewicz
Lead Biometrics Scientist

He is a PhD in technical sciences, an expert with many years of experience in biometric identification using the iris pattern. Assistant professor at the Institute of Automation and Applied Computer Science of the Warsaw University of Technology. Author and co-author of several international publications in biometrics and biometric security and papers presented at major international scientific conferences. He is interested in industrial design, architecture, urban planning, infrastructure and photography. He loves travelling, growing plants, swimming, running and listening to music.

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dr hab. Barbara Mróz-Gorgoń
Marketing Director

Scientist and experienced researcher in marketing and management. She shares her knowledge not only with students at the Wrocław University of Economics and Business, but also through her own research publications, such as Rebranding, Strategiczna zmiana dla organizacji (Rebranding, a Strategic Change for the Organization) published by PWN in 2019 She has been using her experience for 15 years during consultations on building marketing strategies for many Polish companies. A native of Wrocław and a musician by education, in her free time she sinks into the world of opera music, reads about the history of fashion, explores the phenomena of consumer behaviourism and calms down during meditation and yoga.

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Łukasz Łyczba
Technology Director

An engineer and manager in one person. Thanks to many years of experience in significant financial companies and the fintech environment, he is able to combine business areas with technology and vice versa. He likes to participate in creating effective mobile and web solutions from scratch. Just as he efficiently builds technological solutions, he creates and agilely manages small and large teams supporting software development using all kinds of technologies. Travelling to the other end of the world, but also the smaller ones – by motorcycle around Poland or by bike around Wrocław – saturate his senses and relax him. An unobvious dose of exercise is almost daily ballroom dance lessons.

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Anna Andrych
Marketing, Communication and Sales Advisor to the Board

A graduate of the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, the University of Silesia and the Academy of Economic Development in Katowice. She has been working in the marketing industry for over 20 years. She created marketing activities for market leaders both for the agency and the client, thanks to which she successfully combines objectives, optimizing and rationalizing communication and marketing processes. She conducts training, creative and sales workshops, effectively implementing several dozen projects a year. She is a juror in the chapter of the MP Power Awards competition. Privately, a travel lover and a licensed rally driver.

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Stefan Augustyn
PR & Communications Manager / Spokesperson

Communication practitioner, trainer and lecturer at the University of Wrocław and SWPS University. He has been involved in professional image creation and communication of local governments, institutions and business for several years. Previously, as a journalist, he had been associated with the media for a decade. As a proponent of simplifying communication and language, when asked what he does for work, he always answers that he “translates from a complex language into layman’s terms”. In his free time, he catches up on reading books and goes on culinary trips, preferably to Italy.

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dr inż. Wojciech Wodo
Research and Development Manager

A scientist who tries to explain complex aspects of cyber security in his everyday life, as an assistant in the Department of Fundamentals of Computer Science at Wrocław University of Science and Technology. He loves working with people, so he is also willing to participate in numerous industry events and conduct workshops on entrepreneurship and innovation. His scientific and research activities also include biometrics, electronic identity and digital banking. His greatest love is mountains, which he enjoys as much as he can, carrying a backpack. You can find him in the Tatra Mountains on both sides of the border – with an ice axe or flip-flops in his hand.

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Paweł Rapior
Risk Control Manager

An experienced risk management expert. For over 20 years, he has consistently and effectively created, implemented and supervised the implementation of strategies in financial companies in the area of risk management and key processes. He likes what he does, and he treats every new professional experience as a challenge and an opportunity to gain new knowledge. In his spare time, he bikes, skis and swims.

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