What inspires us

“I’m interested in new technology projects.
I want to use solutions that
will work flawlessly.”

Janek L 28
technical college student

„Market evolution resembles a revolution. This speed of change requires us to adapt to the new in many areas, including identification. But we need even better and safer solutions here.”

Oliwia L 34
team leader in a large company

“There’s a lot of talk about biometrics, and the promotion of this form of identification will take our business and personal world to a higher level of security.”

Krzysztof L 57

“I think we expect safe and hygienic solutions to support our daily life these days.”

Adam L 43
bank employee

“My phone is my world, but if I could enjoy an even better solution for me and others, I’m in!”

Karolina L 22
medical student