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Pay over the internet in the blink of an eye

With just one click, you can pay securely online for your purchases.
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Join the world of PayEye & reap the rewards with e-payeye

A modern tool that solves all the challenges of online shopping. With e-payeye your customers will shop more quickly, safely & conveniently, and you will notice a decrease in abandoned shopping carts and an increase in completed transactions.

Shopping widget
Purchase from anywhere on the site - no unnecessary passwords or lengthy forms.
Express payments
Secure automatic data insertion, payments made using the PayEye app.
PayEye Zone Platform
A straightforward & intuitive platform to manage all marketing campaigns and promotions.
One click changes everything
Discover just how fast and convenient the payment process can be.
Select 'pay now' in the PayEye widget.
Confirm the delivery address and accept payment.
What do your customers gain
Secure online payments
Online payments in a blink of an eye. With just one click, you can pay securely for your purchases from your online store of choice.
Everything in one app
Your entire purchase, transaction and store history in one free app from PayEye, which allows you to pay both online and offline.
Fast data insertion
No more tedious data entry when completing a transaction! We make shopping simple - with PayEye, your details will be automatically inserted.
Option to track shipments
Coming soon
When paying with PayEye, you always know where your shipment is at any given time. All you have to do is simply check it's status in the app.
Manage returns
Coming soon
Unwanted purchases are not a problem - one click is all it takes to return shipments and to remind you to ship them on time.
Automatic purchases
Coming soon
Create your own list of favorite stores and products, and shop automatically - have everything at your fingertips in one convenient app.
Attractive terms and conditions
Sign up for e-payeye today for free and enjoy a low commission fee.
99,00 PLN
Free implementation of e-payeye service in your store.
Commission fee
1,2 %
1,9 %
Attractive commission terms for transactions with PayEye for the first 1,000 stores.
Join the world of PayEye & reap the rewards with e-payeye
Simple installation
No implementation fees
Potential increase of conversions
Express payments
Shorten the purchasing path (ability to purchase anywhere on the site)
Use of the latest technological trends
Platform to communicate with users
Promotional terms

Online stores with e-payeye

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Available platform Integration
Get to know all the already available and planned integrations with e-payeye. 
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We cooperate with ITCARD
Get to know Payment Gateways from our partners
We cooperate with ITCARD
Get to know Payment Gateways from our partners
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